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The South's Gonna Do It Again...fall flat on its inbred ass

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I think I'm writing a comedy about idiots living in the south. I don't mean the whole 'you might be a redneck' bullshit. There would be a special place in hell for those folks, if hell existed. I mean people tragically stupid in an almost Faulknerian way. The south has always been a place of great debauchery, depravity, symbolism, bravery, and utter shame. Whats the old saying? Out of great misery comes art. Something like that. Well out of great misery comes comedy to! Why do we laugh when we see someone slip and fall? No one thinks about it, it's just funny. Well think about it. The south is easy to laugh at, the whole fucking region slipped on a big damn banana and cracked its face on the stupid tree...and then rolled down the hill into the ugly thorns, where the incest azaleas blossom. Anyway, what I'm trying to say, is that for all its profound idiocy, the south is a damn fine place. The land is rich in beauty and texture, the people are larger than life (in their troubles and their triumphs), and we claim Atlanta, New Orleans, and the whole goddamn states of Alabama and Mississippi. If there isn't something worth pointing and laughing at in any of those places, then I don't know what funny is.

So there, I've made my case. But I'm really not sure how reading 'Great Tales of Terror and The Supernatural' is really going to help me.
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On November 3rd, 2008 12:35 am (UTC), maximiliancohen commented:
:O happy b-day, i saw The Dunwich Horror, circa 1970 on TCM the other day. >.> special effects were awesome. anyways, i got some books you may want. One is an old reader's digest book called Strange Stories and Amazing Facts, which has a lot of older, more interesting articles from a victorian mindset. Incidentally, i have the anthology by Phyllis Cerf Wagner and Herbert Wise. Got is at Walden Books when it was still in the mall if i remember correctly. ah, well. laters
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